/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: ab.bnna
COUNTRY: Thailand
ab.bnna is a freshly graduated illustrator and graphic designer, who loves a visual story telling through illustrations of the mundanes and nature with a splash of surrealistic and absurd imagery, along with a hint of her graphic design background shining through; as she tries to convey the idea of "expect the unexpected". She hope that people would enjoy and have fun with her works as she does!

When life gives you a lemon turn them into a flower planter! Have you ever thought that teeth look like the buds of lily of the valley? Well, I do! and growing from a lemon nonetheless, too much acid will destroy your teeth.


Humans are made of nature, everything is hidden in the shell of human flesh. We are made of dirt and nature.

Strawberry Head

Have you ever wonder that something could be hidden inside these deformed strawberries or they could even be life born within them?

Humidity 100%

Something that's hidden can't — of course not, be seen. We never saw what is underneath snail's shell, it would be so humid with all the slime and rain, I think plants and weeds would probably be able to grow in there.


The original structure can be bend under one's will, creating new structures for new silhouettes of the good old flower.

As Stars Fall

A Commissioned piece, requested to illustrate from an old Thai song, ชวนฝัน (Chuan Fahn, roughly translated as, dreamy) and was inspired by the lyrics especially the quote, "จนดาวหล่นจากฟ้า" ("As if the stars would fall from the sky."). This illustration was drawn from the interpretation of the song.

Manmade Heaven

In human history, it was shown that humanity had pursue to synthetically grow orchids. It took long endeavors for them to successfully grow them and crossbreed them further to create hybrids. This shows the human loves of creation or even sometimes playing God. That's why human would make wings with the objects that they create themselves, to fly to the Manmade Heaven.

*The image used was taken by the artist herself at the National Orchid Garden, Singapore.

to be made of light

To be made of light is fleeting and ethereal, many things are form from these ray of light, shadows and shapes and the growing stems.


A person can be spliced into different personas just from various perspective of the others or even from one self's image that can change within seconds, thus there is no true self that truly exist.

Parhaps more true,

Maybe something that seems less real is perhaps are more true. People have own their realities and they are all real in their own means. Sometimes surrealistic images might be true to someone.