/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello, I'm BEEBS! I'm an illustrator living in Bangkok. What you see here are stories in my head. They are the combination of my sense of sight and my constant waves of thoughts, produced and reintroduced in a form of some deep and trivial circumstances. Hope you all enjoy!


Play with iconic logo “Swensens” ice cream. Twist the word to onsens, not only play with the sound of “sens” (onsens-swensens) but also play with the idea of onsens. When I think about ice-cream characters are in the onsens. I think of famous ice-cream menu in Thailand we call “itim mor fai” which is ice-cream in the hotpot.

GET RICH TOMORROW (พรุ่งนี้รวย)

We all know how many times we hurt from the word "พรุ่งนี้รวย" which means get rich tomorrow and buy 3 pieces of lottery to win 30 millions baht. You keep getting disappointed from it, but you still hope one tomorrow will be your day. So I play with the concept of get rich tomorrow (that's never come).


As a bangkok based illustrator, I want to represent thainess in new aspect. For me, thainess don’t have to represent through temple, thai giant, tuktuk, elephant etc. It can be something else, that only have in Thailand such as Thai crocodile show. And I also play with the Lacoste logo which is crocodile too. so I named it “LACOSTE THAILAND”.


This shown how a romantic relationship is developed from day 1 to day 1102. As you can see the smiley face turn into the radiation hazard symbol which mean the good relationship turn into toxic relationship. Not only play with the meaning inside it but also play with the circle shape and the yellow color which is the common part of smiley face and radiation hazard symbol too.


In capitalism era, money can lead people in every aspect. As you can see in this artwork. First, the heart follows money this explain about people love you more when you are rich both lover and people around you. Second, sometimes you lost your brain and didn't have any thought of good and bad just because the money. Third, the mouth, people always overpraise you just because of your money. Fourth is the ear which will listen and believe you more because you are rich. Last is money walking the eyes, means you can control what people can see or their aspect to you by your money.
note: This is not apply to everyone xoxo :P


Play with iconic logo “ESSO” motor oil. Twist it to espresso, not only play with the sound of “so” (espresso-esso) but also play with the idea of motor oil. Because coffee is our brain motor oil in every morning. My brain shout, tank up espresso please!


In thai "plakapong" sometimes use to describe when many things squeeze together. So I think of bts sky train in rush hour everyday. The bts shape make me think of a can and people are packed together in it like sardine fishes. Plus these sardine is mimic many kind people who travel with bts such as student go to school/university, company employee go to office, someone go to play sport etc.


Play with memorable image of the light box at local night club. This artwork communicates about welcoming the people to enjoy the songkran festival. And use thai symbolic animal which is elephant to be the main character to emphasize thainess (thai pop-culture).


Play with iconic logo “BARBIE". Twist the word from barbeque to barbieque. Not only play with the sound of “barbee” but also play with the idea of barbie and barbeque too.


As I grown up as thai people, we always believe in spiritual. Plus I work as designer. so I mixed these two ideas together. I’m imagine if we as a designer will pray for something, our god will be adobe illustrator god. Moreover the tools in god’s hand are the tools in ai that can help us to create amazing artwork!