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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: pi-near (พิแน)
COUNTRY: Thailand
Nice to meet you! I'm Pear, a recent graduate who's passionate about the realm of visual communication and storytelling through art and design. My artistic journey began with simple curiosity and a love for capturing the essence of my surroundings. I've always found inspiration in the intricate stories concealed within everyday life and the beauty of nature's many wonders. I consider myself an artistic explorer, always eager to embark on new creative adventures.

Nature’s Call

We take a walk along the rocky shore, letting our curiosity guide us over uneven terrain. The path is unknown, yet we follow the call of nature's whispers, leading us on a journey.

People on the Dance Floor

On the open floor, strangers dance together to timeless tunes. Some are newcomers, others seasoned dancers, and a few are just here to let loose.

Papa’s Fish

Every morning, I find serenity beside my dad's beloved koi pond. These vibrant fish, his enduring companions, carry me to a tranquil world.

The Right time

We all face weariness from time to time, and it's perfectly fine to take a breather. And when the right time comes, I believe you'll find your way.

A Sunset Moment

An appreciation drawing I celebrate the breathtaking sunset at Koh Tao, a gentle reminder to cherish the beauty of every passing moment in our daily lives.

A Slice of Sunset

Here, in the yard, with an orange in hand, I sit and witness the sun's warm embrace as it melts into the horizon.

Portrait of Pawan

Pawan sits at her favorite spot, observing me as I bring her to life on paper, the lush garden serving as our picturesque backdrop.


We're all unique, and that's what makes us beautiful.

Koh Tao

After my graduation, I embarked on a journey to Koh Tao, where I could truly reconnect with myself amid the island's natural splendor, immersing in the present moment.

On a cloudy day with my dogs

The gentle gray clouds, hinting at rain, occasionally bring a downsy spell, yet their joyful presence brightens my day.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Welcome to pi-near’s work and illustration archives :)

Most of the drawings you'll find here are inspired by the profound beauty of nature, surrounding people, and the energy woven into each passing day.
I also write my own short stories sometimes.


I have fallen in love with dwelling in the ambiance of live music.

A summertime last year

Last year, I was in a bookshop gallery. Fondly reminiscing about the illustrated books, warm chai, bicycle rides, and melodies from vintage radio.

The archive of live sketches in Brussels

I take delight in observing people, engaging in conversations, and capturing moments through my sketches as a visual diary.

Sunday people

On Sundays, people gather, basking in the sunlight, engaged in conversations with one another.

The conversation in the garden

Seated in the garden, I relish the opportunity to observe people engaged in heartfelt conversations.


Solo exhibition in Brussels
visual diary showcase of live sketches during my half-year in Brussels

Hiking Diary

Hiking in Stoos, surrounded by mountains, spotting tiny figures on distant slopes, and encountering a dog—oh, how I miss my own furry companion.

Artist's House

Chilling on a Monday evening, having tea and scones in the cozy embrace of a wooden Artist’s House by the river.

Happy Little Edie

Picked elements inspired by the documentary 'Grey Gardens' (1975), capturing Edie's delight amidst a tapestry of cherished objects.

Under a blanket

The first page from 'Feel' – a short story zine about my homesickness experience.

Sunset in Lucerne

As the sun gracefully descends over the city, people stroll across the bridge, moving with the rhythm of their own existence.

Then and Now

สมัยนั้น สมัยนี้ | A set of 2 books telling stories of young adults from old and new generations. (thesis project, self-publishing)

The Dance Club

“Dance to escape reality for a while.” – cause the reality hits us so hard. (zine)

Then and now (preview)

Then and Now reading room

CommDe Creative Walk 2023
28.05.23 - 04.06.23 at 515 Victory gallery

Yes Peaches

Peach illustrations in many postures of playful personality for a peach sparkling product at RISE COFFEE.

Angry Gamers

Editorial illustration for the article: 'Crypto Enthusiasts Meet Their Match: Angry Gamers' from the national newspaper De Standaard’s culture supplement.

สมัยนั้น สมัยนี้

Time Stains

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