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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Sungseo Yoon
COUNTRY: Korea, Republic of
I am a graphic designer based on Seoul/South Korea, doing a lot of surrounding things like bookbinding, design lecture, drawing. I often draw something doing graphic design works. It is comforting, literary, metaphoric works for me.
‘A Piece of Cake’ is a series to show various immaginary scene. Every pieces have their own mood happy or sad, strange or friendly… I hope we always feel our days literally ‘a piece of cake’ when we are in such a bad moment.

“Good things, bad things, strange things, tough things, easy things, mysterious things and ordinary things all seem like a piece of cake.”

cherry cake 1

Imaginary cherry cake series 1

cherry cake 2

Imaginary cherry cake series 2

cherry cake 3

Imaginary cherry cake series 3

cherry cake 4

Imaginary cherry cake series 4

a piece of box 1

A piece of box series 1

a piece of box 2

A piece of box series 2

a piece of box 3

A piece of box series 3

a piece of box 4

A piece of box series 4

hole cake 1

A piece of cake with holes 1

hole cake 2

A piece of cake with holes 2


More Artwork/Merchandise:

I'll show a small collection book of pieces in BBKIF no.123. Please say hello.! And here is my 'A Piece of Cake' instagram account. ( You can see all pieces in my account.

cherry cake 5

cherry cake 6

cherry cake 7

cherry cake 8

cherry cake 9

cherry cake 10

cherry cake 11

cherry cake 12

covered cherry cake

a piece of box 5