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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: tytr
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello, I’m Tanyatorn "Beam", a freshly-baked Communication Designer based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Vibrance is something I could never deny.

Here, introduce to you a collection of mine, Freaky Treasury: The treasury of Thai profanities.
Please enjoy :)

The famous Hia

The word "Hia," a literal translation of an Asian water monitor, traces back to an incident in the early Rattanakosin era when it was merely a lizard. King Rama the 1st enjoyed its eggs as a local delicacy, but the lizards' disruption in homes and livestock theft linked "Hia" to trouble and asset loss. This association often forms the basis for other insults in Thai society.

Wow here

"Hia" has evolved to be used in many diverse situations. The usage can be divided into four main contexts: to express, show closeness, indicate, and exclaim.

Yes Ma'am

Swearing or not? I don’t even know.


The word "เย็ด"(yed) in the Tai Yai (one of the native tribes who inhabited the modern-day Thailand area) language meant to compress, insert, or penetrate, and in the Lanna language, there is a similar-sounding word "เยียะ"(yi-a) which means “to do”.


Dragging the sound for the attitude, then essentially it doesn’t mean anything apart from expressing the “coolness” of something though.

THE Flower

The word "Edok" comes from "golden flower", which was recorded as a derogatory term meaning "adultery" (same category as อีเย็ดซ้อน). There are tons of colorful assumptions of the origin of this word.

Whatever Edok means to you

;express embarrassment, fear, stubbornness, humor, surprise, sadness, suspicion (when used among friends implying the lack of truthfulness), and disappointment.

;especially ladies

The development of the vulgarity of these words dates back to the Victorian era, when colonialism was still considered a promotion of humanity. Multiple cultural practices and beliefs have largely been influenced by the Westerners who relocated to Thailand during this period.

Sai Jai

We all like to “suak” because we are expressing our care.

Humans are the best

Calling an individual with animal-related names is comparable to belittling and degrading one’s worth. Therefore, we human decided (with our logical capacity) that the best way for us to lower one’s worth is to establish distinguished characteristics that separate humans from other living entities, and call those individuals with that name.