/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Gianne Encarnacion / pngianne
COUNTRY: Philippines
I am an artist and illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. My body of work is ornate, tender and an organized chaos. I am inspired by my influences growing up: science, spirituality, fashion, and 2000’s Internet and video games.
Aside from my illustration work, I work with paper and textiles to transform my illustrations into tangible, multipurpose forms.

Heartbeat Springs

Moon Lotus and Rabbit

Mycelium Wonderland

Yes I'm Changing

Plein Air

Matchbox design for Rare Earth, a scented candle brand from the Philippines.

Synaptic Tenderness

Circulatory Long Distance Runner

How Does Your Garden Grow

Notebook design for my FNF collaboration with ana tomy Malaysia.

Somatic Gardens 1. Neuron Garden

Cariño x Gianne Encarnacion

Embroidery designs for my collaboration with Cariño , a linen clothing brand from the Philippines.