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BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
18-year-old doodle artist, currently studying Communication Design at Chulalongkorn University. At age 9, he debuted as an artist with live portrait drawings at a street art market. Over the years, Kamo has evolved his doodle artistry, expanding into murals, digital & NFT art, animated short, key visuals, and product design, with select pieces earning international recognition and prestigious awards. He has collaborated with brands like Samsung, Yamaha, Siam Commercial Bank, PTT, and more.

During his high school years, Kamo exhibited his work at renowned venues, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok, where his work garnered attention and admiration. Beyond exhibitions, Kamo dedicates his time to conducting inspiring doodle art workshops for young artists, with the idea of no right or wrong in art.

Doodle Da Vinci

A masterpiece created an art history. Characters, tales and simple stories together can also become a masterpiece. Comprising hundreds of distinct characters, this intricate doodle weaves together beloved narratives. Within its intricate tapestry, you'll find a dozing horse, a fearless skydiving astronaut, the enigmatic Mr. Fish Head, a table tennis virtuoso, an Indian figure, a spacefaring ranger, the timeless William Shakespeare, and a silent grandpa.

Nation of Joy

Hundred of characters from different places, planets and stories, formed into a man of one nation.

Warm Light

Happiness for everyone comes from the same place, like a cozy, warm light. This light is created by good thoughts, wisdom, and love, making everything feel warm and positive.

Journey to the light city

A space explorer is on a mission to collect "Warm Light" from planets across the galaxy. Facing the largest solar factory controlled by androids, they're figuring out how to sneak in without being noticed.

Monster of Knowledge

Perusing knowledge transform every monster into an expert.

Sunshine Followers

A parade of 99 characters walking one after another: tomato hitman, Anubis, stop-motion skeleton, happy astronaut, teenage orc, grumpy wizard and pirates on a sci-fi dinosaur. They are heading to the dream land where there’s always sunshine.

Screen Time

When everyone is busy with like and love, chaos happens.
Marker on canvas. Exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok in April 2022.

Nacho Amigos

Animated doodle of wiggle characters with fuzzy sounds from a mariachi band. While the giant crab is taping his craws for the tempo, the other creatures are so busy with their absurd activities.

Peanut Butter Jelly

A lively morning doodle featuring a party with fun characters: an architecture lizard, a chicken man, John the robot, Mickey’s bone and a skinny wizard.


A fan art movie poster. One of my favourite.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

8 AM

Award winning UNDONE Microbrand Watch Design Contest. The time we stand up for our national anthem is 8 AM.

The Shopping Man

Live doodle mural performed in a pop up flea market at Suanluang Square, Bangkok.


A wall art illustration for a gas station with restaurants and shops.

Bangkok Sweets

A collaboration artwork with Ka-nom, sweets & pastry shop, printed on canvas tote bags. Thai sweets culture is everywhere among us.

A Roadside Story

An award-winning animated short film and officially selected at international animation festivals , including Thailand, UK, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Canada, and USA.
Watch it at

Boba Day

KOI Gold Dot Award Winning Video for a boba milk tea brand.
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