/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
With a background in graphic design, SOURPEMI has translated her career journey into whimsical, goofy, memory-driven illustration and inspired by acid colors.

Work From Here

My sister and I were cutting hair during regular working hours. (Nobody knows)

Insert Coin

The more coins you insert, the better your chances of winning the claw machine!

Reusable Me

With my recently favorite reusable items

Night Owls

Appreciate the quiet and peaceful environment that the nighttime provides

Forget Me Not

Taking care of every plant is essential, so ensure they receive enough water

Water Fight Fest

WATER (FIGHT) FESTIVAL / Get ready to soaked from head to toe! 

Throw The Ball

We do it for the tickets!

Under the tree

Seven days a week


Reconnecting - Boosting happiness - Shared costs!

Soft Power

Even if you do nothing, I’m still falling in love.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

ดีพร้อม (Dee-Prom)

A food composition poster from the local restaurant 'Dee-prom' located in Chonburi, Thailand. With its variety of foods and rich flavors, my family always chooses this restaurant every time I visit my grandparents. (Participated in "Whatever Sticker Vol.2 | THE NEIGHBOR FOOD" curated by XXXYYY team at GOODFOOD Festival)

Manao Somen

Nothing better than enjoying Cold Somen noodles with Sudachi lime :D

(o) Pea-sized toothpaste

Just a pea-sized toothpaste

Focus is the key

If you've set your goal, no one can stop you.


Be careful with slip-on shoes; they can make you slip!

Classic label

Me mimicked my favorite classic label around my grandparents' house


"What would it be like if you, as an artist, lived in the same place as yourself?" (Answer with an illustration) — part of the interview with When Life Gives You Lemons Gallery (Bangkok)

Stay hydrated!

New year card project – to remind everyone to stay hydrated!

49 Keys

Favorite instrument – This illustration has been selected by ItsNiceThat from participating in #TheNiceGallery illustration showcases

Seasonal fruits

Seasonal fruits with the Thai rhyme words "ผลหมากรากไม้"

Happy Halloween

Set of Halloween classic costume

Too Slow bar

I wish I had time to pour coffee every morning

Beneficial Love Love

Love is all around