/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Paola Santos
COUNTRY: Philippines
Hello! I’m Paola Santos, a full-time illustrator and designer based in the Philippines. Deeply influenced by the internet and real life, I like to explore emotions and human connection through soft, bold, thoughtful work.

The Perfect Day

Encapsulates what an ideal day looks like for me. Inspired by my fascination for the whimsy and mid-century design. 

The Garden

The Garden is a part of a series on inner worlds and mental spaces. This was born out of a fascination with flora, how they could speak volumes and evoke a certain mood. It is the visual manifestation of my thoughts, feelings, anxieties, and how we could all find strength in vulnerability.

Birthday Weekend

Celebration of life and camaraderie

Vigan, Ilocos

Illustrated Vigan, Ilocos for Tatler Philippines’ September issue, The Alphabet City column

Sense Society

Part of a collaboration with Sense Society, they asked me to depict what ‘gratitude’ means to me—throwing myself a thanksgiving party, where I can just sit down, write, rest, reflect, eat, and play.


Inspired by Kanye West's Runaway music video

Honoring Your Pace

On timing and trusting yourself

Hello Stranger Supper Club

Illustrated a culinary-inspired things for Hello Stranger Supper Club as part of their official merchandise (1/8)

Benny's Place

Illustrated food & people for Benny’s Place, a homegrown restaurant where they serve all the Filipino favorites. 

Hobbies as social performance

Editorial work for Young STAR (The Philippine Star)