/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
“I am just someone who enjoys drawing.” Is how SEP would usually describe himself.

He views his own work as Experimental Surrealism combined with traditional drawing. However, the artist admits he is still unsure how this particular style should be best classified.

The reason for that stems from his choice not to commit to one specific medium when making artwork. In his process, technical decisions would always be determined by what he thought best suited each piece, and whether or not it sparks his creativity. He believed that this is what gives his work an experimental feel while also provokes a particular feeling, one he also found difficult to pin point.

When asked about the beginning of his artistic path, surprisingly, Art as a career was not Nattawat’s original decision. It had only been something he did for enjoyment. Even so, the hobby lead to many more opportunities. Upon each one, even if he did not find the process appealing, interesting executions would still draw him to creating artworks. “It’s why I want to continue doing what I do.” He adds.

For these reasons, we find that his works always roots back to being the creations of ‘someone who likes to draw’.


His work portrays the act of confronting one’s desire in vanity, in which he believed is something everyone faces at some point. In his artwork, the devils are used to symbolize greed. He believed that in happy times, being separated from things you feel strongly about creates unhappiness. On the other hand, in difficult times, we become tormented by our constant wish to end misery. At last, happy or not, all roads seem to lead back to suffering.

He believed that greed and desire are the main reason for this. The happier you are, the more you crave for more of it, the longer you try to hold on to it. On the contrary, the more discontented you are, the sooner you wish to get rid of it. All this wishing, in the end, always drives us back to suffering.

From his own introspection, the artist found detachment and equanimity to be the way out of his suffering. It demonstrated to him that no happiness or sadness is permanent. Everything merely exists and dies out in cycles.

When heaven isn't what you think

when what you wanted isn't as good as you imagined, it's because reality didn't meet your expectations. You might have hoped for something great, but when it happens, it falls short. This can be hard because it highlights the gap between your desires and reality. It's a reminder that sometimes you must adjust and find contentment in the way things truly are, even if it's not what you initially wished for.

listen your desires

Desires can be a powerful advisor when you're discouraged because it serves as a reminder of what you truly want to achieve. When faced with challenges or setbacks, your desires can reignite your motivation and determination. They can help you focus on your long-term goals, providing the energy and resilience needed to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward. In this way, desires can be a beacon of hope during discouraging times.

When opportunities are all around you

Life is full of opportunities, and sometimes, one pivotal moment can indeed have a profound and lasting impact. Embrace those moments with an open heart.



When everything is about to become empty, it means big changes are happening in our lives. This could be finishing a part of life, a project, or a big personal change. When things start disappearing, the relationships that stay become really important. These lasting connections help us feel like things are still connected, give us support, and remind us of things we've been through together. They can make us feel better, give us a push to keep going, and help us find meaning when things are uncertain. This shows how much it matters to take care of and cherish these relationships.


Ignoring your thoughts is similar to ignoring trees. Just like trees need care to stay healthy and avoid issues, your thoughts need attention too. If you ignore your thoughts, it can lead to problems, just as neglecting trees harms the environment. So, it's vital to pay attention to stay balanced and healthy



When you realize a perfect garden won't last forever, it reminds you that life and nature are always changing. Gardens change with time because of things like weather, seasons, and how plants grow and die. This teaches us to enjoy and value the beauty of the present moment and to take care of our environment while it's at its best. It's like a symbol for accepting that everything in life is temporary and finding beauty in the way things keep evolving.

When childhood is used as fuel for growth.

Using childhood as fuel for growth is about leveraging the past to empower and drive personal development in the present and future. It's a way to transform both challenges and positive memories into catalysts for self-improvement and achieving one's goals.