/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
CONTACT: tonghaunim
My name is Tong, and I used to be an ordinary railway worker. I chose to become a freelance illustrator because I enjoyed drawing. In my illustrations, I often express human desires and emotions, while depicting metal objects to create an opposing relationship with the body, forming a connection between hardness and softness.
Most of the time when creating, I like to do some thinking jumps, such as text misalignment, object splicing, and emotional comparison, from which I can get a lot of fun.


This is a work that many people find eerie. I combine the sharpness of the fish hook with people, wrapping the pain with eerie, and expressing that people are actually eager to be needed in the ever-changing emotions.

《bone needle》

I often fantasize about being a ninja and using weapons to protect myself, and when bones become sharp weapons to form a self-defense mechanism, it's simply too cool.

《spooned the porn》

I think lust is a soft thing, and if you want to absorb it, you need a spoon.


Metal series - Multi sided ruler, this ruler not only measures dimensions, but also reflects inner emotions in multiple ways.


Metal Series - Double Hammer, I crave a powerful and resilient emotional relationship.


Metal Series - Thorn Armor, I admire the power of wrapping, as it can solidify the inner core and on the contrary, it will also have a consistent spirit of resistance to the outside.


Metal series - Wire ear Loop, I am looking for a commonality between things. When earrings and ears become similar, they are not related to wearing, but rather to commonality.


This is a painting created during the COVID-19, seeking a sense of freedom in a repressed society.


The desire for nature has become increasingly strong during the pandemic. When natural scenes are combined with everyday garlic, will it build a bridge to nature?


The pronunciation of "ta" in vegetables is very similar to "te" in Japanese. "te" means "hand" in Japanese, so the picture of "hand hidden in vegetables" seems to be very reasonable.