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BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
Kaptor was started by Janet and Kaladoo since 2013, and it has a store in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have created characters and illustrations. Our first primary character was a duck (person), which used as a metaphor for people who're skilled at many things but not especially talented in any of them. (Jack of all trades, master of none). However, We're learned that at least, being a duck person is not all that terrible because they can be and do as many things as they desire. And this's a story behind the duck characters, who we use to explore and play around with different contexts.


Goosester (digital paint, 2023)

Despite the fact that everyone wants to stand out, they are all following the same trends, which make them seem the same. This illustration shows an ordinary way of living from any trends in any period of time in one frame. Anyway, I would say they’re not a hipster, they’re a goosester.


Crux (digital paint, 2023)

As I'm a duck that can do many things. I‘m also a kind of person that change my interests frequently. But for my partner, he have just two major passion, which are climbing and coffee. His coffee shop in the climbing gym became the inspiration for this illustration to convey about this passionated.

Goo(d)se skater

Goo(d)se skater (digital paint, 2023)

A few years ago, when skateboarding was in trend in Thailand. I've been talking to people who enjoy playing skate in Chiang Mai for a long time and discovered that Thailand has an adverse image for the extreme sports and they receive no support either. When this sport become popular in the past few years, people who enjoy this sport expected to see some changes, such as a good quality place spot to play. There are numerous good parks in another country that support this sport. Just imagine how many young people would be able to improve what they were passionate about in the right way if there was a good skate park in Chaing Mai.

Goose vibes

Goose vibes (digital paint, 2023)

When I was a teenager as a college student. I rarely enjoy nightlife as much as my other friend did because it seems too chaotic to me. However, once I started working, I went out with some of my colleagues and found that it wasn't all that terrible. This’s the image I started to create a few years after I started hanging out. I see the mood that still chaotic but relaxed, not too tight or crowded, just sit and talk. Anyway, I'm now an adult!

Blue duck nude

Blue duck nude (2022)

An inspired from Henri Matisse, my favourite artist. This illustration was made for the exhibition with the occasion of ten-year anniversary of Kaptor. The duck has grown and able to be naked. (haha) The techniques used for creating this collection included digital and silkscreen.

Be goose and joy the duck side

Be goose and joy the duck side (digital paint, 2023) /Be good/Join the dark side

These two characters were made using my own duck skill and a goose that represented my partner's responsibility. Everyone has various role, so having this duck skills could be an advantage.


DJing (digital paint,2023) DJ-ing/D-Jing (which mean very good in Thai)

This's an illustration created on Record Store Day. Record Store Day is a day to celebrate and support the record store culture. This year, I took part in making the turnable matt design for a local record store in Chiang Mai. I know very little about vinyl and DJs, but I can image a DJ spinning records, but it would be too boring for that image. I've been thinking about people who might attempt playing DJ without a mixer but using other tools. (well, is that just me?).

Happy meal

Happy meal with family (Acrylic on paper,2022)

Paintings from a series of Happy Meals that emphasizes the people rather than food. This collection has a variety of people-related groups, including friends, lovers, pets, and my favorite of the six, which is a meal with family. I created this scence from my imagination of my kitchen at my house in Nonthaburi when my father was still living. The meal is quite simple but in another way, it's very memorable.

There're always flower for those who want to see them. 01

There're always flower for those who want to see them. 01 (Acrylic on canvas,2023)

I do adore getting flowers, but they only last for a short time after I receive them and they must be thrown anyway.

There're always flower for those who want to see them. 02

There're always flower for those who want to see them. 02 (Acrylic on canvas,2023)

If someone truly cares, they will treat you well—not just with words or gifts, but also in various other manners.


More Artwork/Merchandise:


Boriphat (pen on paper, 2022)

Where should we have dinner?

The artwork is about the meal from my childhood memories. This is a narrative about a meal and my dad, who passed away 5 years ago.

'Boriphat' is a street in Bangkok where I lived when I was young. My dad used to take me out after school to find nice street food around our place to eat, and even though I moved to Chiang-Mai, this scene still district in my memory.

Sky high

Sky high (pen on paper,2022)

This artworks comes from the same collection as "Boriphat," which discusses a meal from my early childhood that I remember having with my father.

The restaurant not far from Boriphat Road called "Sky High. This' s the restaurant my dad chooses on any special occasion. The dish "Chicken Feet Spicy Soup" is one of my favorites plate here,
and although the restaurant has moved and I haven't been there in almost ten years, I can still taste it.


PED PAK GING (Peking duck)
(acrylic on paper,2022)

The menu “Peking duck” is a Chinese dish consisting of roasted duck meat and strips of crispy duck skin topped with scallions and sauce and wrapped in thin pancakes. We called it "Ped-pak-ging" in Thailand. The Thai word ped means duck and "pak-ging" (meaning "Peking" or "Beijing") refers to the fluidity of the Thai language. Pak-ging is a synonym for stem cutting.

Are you a hot dog?

Are you a hot dog?
(acrylic and pen on paper,2022)

Two dogs are having a hotdog. This artwork is lighthearted, I think about what would happen if the animal turned into a human and the words—like "hot DOG"—actually meant what they said.

Other artwork from this collection includes the following: Chef Pig serving Head Cheese, Chicken making Fried Egg, and Panda watching Panda Channel.

The bedroom

The bedroom (Digital paint, 2023)

This illustration was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's "The Bedroom," but using the theme of floral patterns to create a colorful, lively story about living with happiness.

Dry my hair

Dry my hair (Digital paint, 2023)

As shown in the previous illustration, "The Bedroom," So you can see, there's a part of the dressing room in the image. This is a continuing illustration from the bedroom. In continuing with the same idea, I also plan to draw another picture featuring a flowery design in a different room of the house.

Let's rock

LEFT - Let's rock those breakfast
(Risograph, 2023)

from Record Store Day's "DJing" artwork. I started working illustrating on the topic of bands with a favorite artist, DUCKPUNK. This project is still ongoing, and I plan to produce more illustrations with other artists because I find the strong image music bands seem interested.

Laziness is better than when you working hard but still poor.

This’s a parody of the motto “Work hard until you sweat better than lazy then poor until you cry.” Because Thai people defined laziness as lazy until the hair is growing all over the body, so I came up with the fun new motto, "Laziness is better than when you're working so hard but still poor."


In Thai, R-ROI means delicious and The Thai word "Lum-tae" below also means "delicious" in northern Thai. Additionally, the word "LUM" can also refer to a traditional Thai dance, which is how the dancing duck character in Tom-Yum Bowl was created.

Good days start with goose coffee.

This idea comes from the phrase "Good days start with good coffee," but it plays on the words "good" and "goose."