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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Nattapon
COUNTRY: Thailand
I’m graphic artist, fashion, illustration
Graduated with a bachelor's degree in exhibition and
master’s degree in fashion design but i love in graphic
and illustration ,Therefore I chose to work in
drawing illustrations I have many clients such as
King Power, GHbank, shiseido, Viriyah insurance,
Robinson Departmentstore etc.

Butterfly Flower : Wonderland in Chinois Series

This collection of wonderlands in chinese style. This collection features a wide variety of characters that are both fantasy and surreal, but are still fun and unique style of drawing. exclusive
Common butterfly flowers in various regions In particular, the flowers are bright yellow daffodils. They have small butterfly wings on the flower stalks. They can only move when the flowers bloom and tend to leak from the stem and fly off into various places.

Chinese Cottage in Wonderland

It is a contemporary Chinese-style air pavilion. Ready to welcome everyone who will enter this wonderland. Chinese style two-story pavilion A bright red roof floats among rainbow-colored clouds.

Happy Pancy

Giant pansy Floating among rainbow clouds It is a flower that is knowledgeable in this land. Pansies bloomed in the bright morning sunlight. Ready to receive knowledge from various sources Pansy was very happy reading. Every day Pansy would bring many books from many lands. Let Pansy read it. Make Pansy a Living Library Well-versed in every aspect

Lily Bird

Little bird in the lily A little bird who is kind to everyone. You live in a bright yellow lily. You like to eat pomegranates the most. The gem-like red ruby seeds are my favorite. The lilies are like magic. Even though the flowers are small, once you get inside the lilies, It's like entering another beautiful and spacious world. It was the home of this little crane.

Thai tropical garden

Illustration work, created for the mmyn brand, created as the first collection. Presenting the story of the beauty of a tropical forest. Plants in the workpiece It is a plant that grows in tropical forests such as palms, Lamduan, Thammaraksa and parrots, which are endemic to Thailand.

Wonderland Chinois Series Pattern

The fabric pattern is made from all the elements of the characters in Wonderland, arranged into a beautiful print. In this pattern, there are peacocks, swallows, kiren, and others, arranged in a continuous line. Create a pattern that can be used in many ways.

The dear

Imaginary monster A mixture of many animals, including birds, deer, and chickens, all mixed together to form wild animals in the Himmapan forest. Beautiful, multi-colored images. The original images were drawn by hand first, then painted and rearranged in a computer program. It is work used to decorate Salil Hotel, a new hotel on the Chao Phraya River.

Himaphan elephant

It is a strange creature in the jungle. It's an elephant mixed with a fish. Swim in the river in the Himmapan Forest In the river, there are many animals, including giant fish, shrimp, and various aquatic plants, including lotus and cherry trees. This work is used to decorate the Salil Hotel, a new hotel on the Chao Phraya River.

The Jewel

It's a key visual for a jewelry brand called Arkong Gems. It's a jewelry brand founded by a grandfather who traveled from China. Brand established in Thailand Illustrations used Bringing contemporary Chinese design All elements incorporate the shape of the jewelry into the work. and using an auspicious animal to represent women, namely the phoenix bird, as the main element.


It's a creative illustration for a lifestyle brand. It's called the Pattar brand. It presents the first set of flowers, namely hibiscus flowers. The hibiscus flowers in this world There is a variety of petal styles, colors, sizes, and are very diverse and beautiful.