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BKKIF Artist  
Yuki Uebo is a Tokyo-based illustrator whose work is heavily influenced by the the culture of the city; such as the busy streets, use of colours, and general messiness.
She graduated The Royal College of Arts, Design Products (MA), London and worked for a digital art production company in Tokyo before starting her illustration career.
She is interested in stereotypical images of Japan and through her illustrations she tries to redefine traditional Japanese culture as seen from a foreign perspective into a pop and fun expression.

2022 World Illustration Awards 2022 AOI Members Award Winner
2023 Solo Exhibition at Mount Tokyo


Sumo matches are often broadcasted on TV in Japan and become a part of the daily scenery for many Japanese people. I created a vivid representation of this scene that is familiar to me. Stereotypical Japanese culture, such as Sumo and Kimono, is popular among tourists, but it was not a part of my daily life as I grew up in Japan. However, since I have not been able to go abroad for the past two years, I have had more opportunities to travel within Japan and review its culture. I express the fun of Japanese culture that I want to introduce to the world as a Japanese illustrator.

Japanese Wedding

I illustrated a group photo of relatives at a traditional Japanese wedding.
Everyone is dressed in formal clothes and looks a little nervous.

Conveyor Belt Sushi

Shrimp, Tuna, Salmon!!!
I illustrated a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant.

Dressing up in a Kimono

In Japan, when you turn 20, there is a ceremony where you celebrate becoming an adult wearing a kimono. I drew girls getting ready to participate in the event.

Morning routine in Japanese company

Some companies in Japan have a custom in the morning where employees do exercises following the radio, known as 'Radio gymnastics'. The number of such companies is decreasing nowadays, but I illustrated a nostalgic scene typical of the Showa period.

Japanese Shrine

For us Japanese, shrines are very familiar places that can be found anywhere in the city. When you pass through the gate of a shrine, you can reset your mind to a sacred feeling due to its unique architectural style and colors. This work expresses a place that is very close to our daily lives, but has a unique atmosphere and dynamic energy.

Gion Festival

I illustrated the Gion Festival(祇園祭) held every August in Kyoto.

School Trip

The Big Buddha in Kamakura is a popular spot for school trips, and many students are seen taking pictures in front of it. This illustration shows them taking a group photo with the Great Buddha along with the many hydrangea flowers that bloom in Kamakura.

Chanel Dresses

I illustrated the Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021. The dresses in the show are very delicate and I felt the handmade energy of the craftsmen. With respect for the craftsmanship, I tried to express the patterns of the clothes in detail with my own colors and lines.

Royal Arcade in London

I illustrated the Royal Arcade in London. People are dressed up and carrying bouquets of flowers decorating the streets.