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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Miminini
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello. My name is Mimi, or “Miminini”. I am currently working as a junior architect. Since I love drawing, I have a dream to combine my love of illustration drawing with my architecture work one day.


My bedroom is surrounded by my neighbors. I tend to hear each one of them living their normal live, including watching TV, washing laundry or even enjoying their conversation.


In each of the buildings are surrounded by bar frames. I guess ever body are worried about their own safety.

The Fussy Gang

We are the Fussy Gang! We love flowers and plants. We will make all the flowers bloom like crazy!

The Abandoned Building (Sathorn Unique Tower)

Doesn’t matter if you’re being abandoned or not, you’re more attractive than any other buildings!

Mini Spa

We are the Mini Spa. We deliver our service right to your home sweet home. Call us if you need our Service!

City Life Pattern (BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon)

Crosses that are being crossed neatly. Everything are laid out just as planned, both in pattern and plain color. This is how city life goes, just like the city facade.

The Big World ( Open Space - Nature - Freedom )

“Open Space” allows children to fully play to their heart’s content, and creates the freedom for them to make their own decision. The nature in those spaces would teach the children to realize that they are not alone. The world doesn’t consist of only human, but to many other living creatures. This is a very important learning stage outside of the classroom. (Part of the illustration of “Silent Voice Matters” Exhibition by Hinghoy Noy)

Our Nature

Natural space will help children connect with nature. This space is one of the best environments for them to explore, observe, imagine or understand in many things. (Part of the illustration of “Silent Voice Matters” Exhibition by Hinghoy Noy)

My Boat

My bed is my boat. My bedroom’s tiles are the deep ocean. There’re whales, octopus, even mermaids are swimming everywhere! Do you see them? (Part of the illustration of “Silent Voice Matters” Exhibition by Hinghoy Noy)

My World (Private Space - imaginary)

Close your eyes. Dive into your imagination. Your wings are slowly spreading. It’s time to fly to the rabbit in the moon! Are you waiting for me? (Part of the illustration of “Silent Voice Matters” Exhibition by Hinghoy Noy)


More Artwork/Merchandise:

I have some my work's postcards and my artbooks for sell. Please check in my page and see
for product update. Thank you !

Found you !

Furman found the girl, She just finished taking a shower. Why she is making face like that?

Architect Student's Life

Drawing from dawn to dusk, so difficult but never give up !

An Old Village

This is an old and fantasy village. The buildings are connected with bridges, very fun !

Good view

Please stop this station. This place is very good view !


This big Window is made from colored glass, that so warm and colorful.

Ferris Wheel

What kind of the place do you think that Ferris wheel will go? Haven, in the cloud or fantasy land?

Bird Scene

Take 252 - The giant bird appears in the sky, make gangster surprised. And... ACTION !

The Scala

My love theatre, Scala. Always have life in my heart.

Dusit Thani

The part of Dusit Thani building, no matter where I cropped, it will be always my beautiful picture.

Elephant Tower

When I saw the Elephant Tower, I always imagine that he can walk and make a noise sound.

Point - Line - Plane

Fallingwater House ,or organic architecture, was created by point, line and plane. That's how it goes.


The Sydney Opera House was inspired by nature. This place is called "Shell".

Notre Dame

Dear Notre Dame, you stayed with us for long time, Farewell.

House at three-way junction

Before I arrived at Hua Ta Khe, at three-way junction, I met this house stand in front of me. So I designed to draw it.

King of Musical instrument

The Nightingale Olympic department store is the living legends, as well known as “Treasury of Sports equipment, King of Musical instrument, Queen of Cosmetics”.

Draw Your Journey

This work is a part of KODANGS brand's project.
Choose your own dress and drawn your own journey.


Democracy Monument, hope you have your real-democracy soon.

Lumpini Park

Everyone follow me, 1...2...3... and again !

Hide and seek

Hey, Furman. Let's play Hide-and-seek. you hide, I seek.
... Found you !

Our Princess

She is our princess, in our movies. We will make her feel like the most beautiful princess in the world !

Bad Child

They told me, I'm a bad child. Because I have wings, and my wings is glowing.
They said bad child must be punished.

My Imaginary World

This is my imaginary world. This world has created the music, stars and trees. And all of these are made the energy to this world's life.

Studio Baeng-Paan

This is a part of my Architecture Thesis.
"Ceramic Sharing Studio, Chiangmai Province" or "Bang-Pan Studio" is the sharing space, not just for Ceramists, but also for people who have an interest in making ceramic. The ultimate goal of this Ceramic Sharing Studio is to provide an opportunity for people to hone their ceramic skills, which can improve ceramic community in Thailand.

Personal Ceramist's Space Detail

This is a part of my Architecture Thesis.
This picture is showing the detail/requirement of personal ceramist at sharing-space.

ก.เอ๋ย ก.ไก่ (Kor.Oy, Kor.Kai)

This is the Thai letter's project.
ก.เอ๋ย ก.ไก่ (Kor.Oy, Kor.Kai) is the first of Thai letter, and this is a part of Thai letter's song.

ข.ไข่ อยู่ในเล้า (Kor.Kai in the coop)

This is the Thai letter's project.
ข.ไข่ อยู่ในเล้า (Kor.Kai in the coop) is the second of Thai letter, and this is a part of Thai letter's song.

ฃ. ฃวด ของเรา (Kor.Kwod, Our Bottle)

This is the Thai letter's project.
ฃ. ฃวด ของเรา (Kor.Kwod, Our Bottle) is the third of Thai letter, and this is a part of Thai letter's song.

ค.ควาย ไถนา (Kor.Khway Plowing)

This is the Thai letter's project.
ค.ควาย ไถนา (Kor.Khway Plowing) is the fourth of Thai letter, and this is a part of Thai letter's song.

Our Land (Sharing Space - Social - Citizenship)

Some researcher said "Children as playing citizens" is very important for understanding about Citizenship. Sharing Space will help children practice how to get socialize and learning to create their own citizenship.
(Part of the illustration of “Silent Voice Matters” Exhibition by Hinghoy Noy)

Balloon Music

This is our balloon. This balloon powered by the sound of music. So let's create our music and let's go adventure together !
(Part of the illustration of “Silent Voice Matters” Exhibition by Hinghoy Noy)

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